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Shimano Latin America PEDAL DAS CAPIVARAS (Capybara's Ride)

2017/12/26Shimano Latin America PEDAL DAS CAPIVARAS (Capybara's Ride)

Taking Care of the Environment Natural Environment

Since 2011, Shimano Latin America holds a cycling event called Pedal das Capivaras (Capivara's Bike Ride) to raise awareness of contamination for the Pinheiros River which is one of the main rivers in S?o Paulo city. There are many capybaras living along this river, but the number has decreased year by year due to the influence of pollution.
Prior to the cycling, we held a presentation with experts on various topics such as the history of the Pinheiros River, protection of Capybara, sports leisure in S?o Paulo city.

The participation fee of the 60 citizens will be donated to organizations supporting the cleaning of the river.

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