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The 27th Shimano Bikers Festival

2017/08/28The 27th Shimano Bikers Festival

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On July 29 (Sat)-30 (Sun), Shimano Biker's Festival, the largest mountain bike event in Japan, was held at Fujimi Panorama Resort in Nagano Prefecture. Despite the wet weather, some 2,300 participants fully enjoyed their respective entry events. This year, a great variety of bicycles were made available for trial rides, and their courses were significantly expanded. In addition to off-road races, touring events and bicycle classes were organized to ensure that riders of various skill levels, ranging from beginners to world-class racers, would enjoy the festival.

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Start of the 4-hour cross country enduro race / Down Hill race

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Participants in various touring programs enjoyed viewing landscapes, as well as the ride / Preschool children race

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Technical support staff helping maintain a bicycle for a rider / Trial ridng

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PR booth / Dispay of STEPS E8080 in Shimano booth